Taurus Engineering


Automotive Injection Molding

The automotive industry is a fast paced market. For our customers, the top priority is to help them create and launch their parts on schedule. Taurus Engineering is a proven supplier of injection molded components for many leading automotive companies. For years, we have been helping clients launch their products, improve their supply chain management, and minimize overhead costs.

Quantities to Fit Your Needs

While we can handle high volume runs, we specialize in short, low volume runs. Other manufacturers avoid low volume production because it slows down their processes, and their infrastructure isn’t set up to scale down. Short runs impose a difficult challenge for many manufacturers. We’re flexible enough to meet your exact needs– whether it’s high or low volume.

 Speed and Quality

Taurus Engineering understands the need for speed and quality. Our prototyping capabilities enable us to rapidly build your product with attention to quality. The combination of our experienced personnel and our state of the art technology allows us to adhere to the tight specifications of the automotive industry while meeting important deadlines. Reducing time-to-market, while also improving the functionality of your products, will make the difference in the fast paced automotive industry.



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