Design For Manufacturing

Taurus Engineering’s DFM process and highly committed team will create fully optimized tool design, robust part design and cost-effective medical components and devices.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Taurus Engineering is committed to mold/part design assistance and building quality precision tooling, within budget, on time, and per customer specifications. Understanding the importance of early involvement and close collaboration between customer and supplier, we work with design engineers to ensure streamlined and efficient product development, from concept to the marketplace.

Product Development Cycle

Bring together key players for collaboration.
Provide assistance to assure moldability.
Tolerance Analysis
Review of critical dimensions for cost effective parts.
Execute functional components using bridge tooling.
Prototype review and functional testing.
Qualifying a mold and validating the molding process.
Pilot Build
Manufacturing low-volume for initial needs.
Volume manufacturing
Scale approved components, assemblies and products to required volume.
Product Development Cycle

Taurus Engineering can provide a complete comprehensive design report with each part.

An in depth DFM report is the first step to success! 

Some of the risks that risk that would be detected during the DFM process: 

  • Resin to be used – shrinkage
  • Parting line / draft analysis
  • Fill analysis
  • Thickness design – rib thickness, uneven wall sections, thin wall
  • Gating defined. Locations / Numbers / Sizes
  • Weld Lines
  • Finish or polished surfaces
  • Engraving
Flow Length or High Fill Pressure Concerns
Nominal Wall Thickness & Sink Concerns

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