Why Taurus?

Quality in everything we do. Understanding Market Needs. An Experienced Molder who Thinks Outside the Box. Thinking Smarter.
Core Values

Why Taurus Engineering

Taurus Engineering has earned a reputation for assisting companies with the development of innovative products and bringing them to the market as quickly as possible with the best effective cost strategy. Taurus Engineering fully understands our reputation must be earned day in and day out. We do this by adhering to the following values:

Quality in everything we do:

  • We understand high quality is a necessity – Taurus is ISO13485 Certified & FDA registered. Our quality team ensures our quality management system is compliant with all relevant standards and meets our customers’ requirements.
  • Our highly skilled engineering team focuses on repeatability from the DFM stage, and they apply that into as many operations as practical.
  • Taurus understands the need for high precision tooling to produce high quality components and assemblies. This is done by our attention to detail through our product manufacturing process.
  • We have experience with IQ/OQ/PQ validations on low and high-volume medical device components and assemblies. Taurus is very experienced utilizing customer provided validation protocol and is committed to delivering parts that meet our customers’ expectations.
  • Consistency – Our processes focus on quality; all our products must meet the same standard of excellence. We can promise the same quality product from any of our manufacturing lines.

Understanding Market Needs

  • Design and development planning is very important to every aspect involved in bringing a device to market. With Taurus’ years of experience, we understand the various stages of product design, development, and implementation with a more increased focus on eliminating excess cost wherever possible.
  • Taurus Engineering is structured to ensure decisions are made rapidly, which ensures decision-making faster and ultimately saves you time and money towards your product launch.
  • Good supplier management is one of the fundamental methods for preventing failure of your product. It is our goal to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality parts or components that conform to your specifications.
  • Great customer service makes all the difference no matter what industry you are in, but where medical device companies are concerned, responsiveness and open communication are critical. This is what makes Taurus a valuable partner.
  • Taurus Engineering is unique when it comes to a business model. A typical molder will focus on either high-volume or low volume injection molding/assembly programs, not both. We are here to make your next project a success from the early DFM stages to a fully validated product.
  • The complete team at Taurus Engineering understands their role and they are all very passionate about the work they perform. This includes everyone from order entry to shipping complete product out the door. That is why we are a valuable partner for your manufacturing needs.

An Experienced Molder who has the reputation to “Think Outside the Box”

  • Taurus’ highly talented Engineering and Sales team will work as an extension of your company to assist you on identifying and developing cost saving strategies from the very start of your project.
  • We build lean initiatives and mistake proofing into many manufacturing processes.
  • As a US-based company with more than 100 years of combined custom manufacturing experience, we take pride in ourselves by taking a manufacturing approach to certain projects that are not the norm.

Thinking Smarter

  • Taurus has strategically invested in a primary injection molding machine. Our fleet of molding machines are 98% late model Arburg presses. Every machine is equipped with the same control package which gives all our process technicians the flexibility to set up any mold in any machine.
  • Smart Factory”- Each press is installed with the ARBURG ALS system. This is a Manufacturing Execution System that supports all our molding operations through detailed Planning, Maintenance, Process Optimization, Quality control, and Documentation. Our processing data is captured online, clearly prepared, stored (for up to 10 years), and made available end to end. This makes Taurus Engineering and Manufacturing a true “Smart Factory”.
  • One of Taurus’ largest assets is its employees – We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry!

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