In-House Mold Making

Our experienced mold builders design and produce single cavity molds, multi-cavity molds for short run to high volume production runs with quick-turn capabilities.
Mold Making

Custom Injection Mold Making to meet your part and product needs

In December of 2022, Taurus Engineering purchased Vision Mold & Engineering, a design and injection mold building company. The company will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Taurus Engineering that will operate to expedite all our in-house mold needs. This addition fully rounds out our capabilities and commitment to our customers to provide the highest level of service, support, components, assemblies and final products. Our focus is:
  • In house Plastic Injection mold design
    • High-precision injection molds for complex parts
    • Close-tolerance injection molds for consistent, high-quality molding runs
  • Custom plastic injection molds built to your exact specifications for single cavity molds to multi-cavity molds.
    • Bridge to production plastic injection molds.
    • High volume production plastic injection molds.
  • Mold Repair – Our experienced mold builders quickly assess the repairs necessary to bring an injection mold back into service.
  • Custom fixtures used for secondary molding operations.
In-House Mold Making
in-house tooling
in-house tooling

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