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Any part that is less than 7 cubic inches and is able to fit 100% on one side of the mold. It must be easily machined with a CNC mill, no EDM work. Parting line is flat. In some cases, parts that are on 2 sides of the tool may fit into the Noncomplex category, if they machine easily and are not intricate. Tolerances are standard, nothing tighter than +/- .005″ per inch. An example of a Noncomplex mold might be a round disk that is smaller than 1″ diameter and 1/8″ thick.

Intermediate complexity:

Any part that is less than 7 cubic inches and is machined on one or both sides of the mold. It may have simple shut-offs to create holes, or simple side cores. Parting line can have simple, well designed steps, or curves in it that are easily machined. Part will be at least 50% CNC machinable. Tolerances are standard +/- .005″ per inch.


Involve early engineering, i.e., product design assistance, material selection, or design for manufacturability. Anything that is more complex than the above complexity categories. Tolerances may be tight, or less than +/- .005″ per inch.

Requesting a Quote:

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Acceptable File Types:

  • Solidworks (preferred)
  • Parasolid (.x_t)
  • Step (.stp or .step)
  • SAT
  • PRO/Engineer
  • pdf
  • IGES (.igs)


Other things that may help us better tailor the quote to your needs would be:

  1. Do you have a part price requirement? Let us know up-front so we can quote a mold that is capable of producing parts within your budgetary requirements.
  2. Do you have a mold price you need to stay under? Let us know so we can help achieve your budgetary goal.
  3. Let us know if there are there any critical features on the part that will need special consideration.



Our standard quoted lead time is 4-6 weeks. If you require parts sooner, please let us know when you need them. We are very easy to work with, and will do whatever we can to get you parts, when YOU need them. Taurus Engineering has the capability to produce plastic injection molded parts for you that meets or exceeds your schedule requirements.

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