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Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Taurus Engineering is an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered contract manufacturer specializing in medical injection molding, DFM, prototype molding, production molding, and value added assembly.

The medical device market is a constantly evolving industry where standards are always updating, and the need for effectiveness and efficiency is paramount.   Since 1985, Taurus Engineering has consistently met the high standards of the medical device industry by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, experienced personnel, unique materials, and the finest injection  molding principles and processes in the industry. From helping companies create or refine design criteria, to producing and assembling the components and devices, Taurus Engineering has been the preferred choice among the most respected medical companies.




Product Design for Manufacturability

There are many stages to producing and finalizing a medical device, one of the most important stages is product design. To ensure manufacturability, we provide thorough DFM assistance in the planning phases, with effective prototyping processes and prototype development capabilities.

A Commitment to Quality

In the medical device industry, there is no room for error, our molded products are manufactured with exact tolerances  so that they are consistently reliable. Taurus Engineering is an ISO 13485 certified & FDA approved medical injection molder and manufacturer that offers complete process validation, IQ, OQ, PQ, and FAI

Prototype Development Molds

Our development tooling capabilities are a cost effective way to provide our customers with prototype parts for functional testing. Injection molding prototyping can also serve as bridge tooling to fill the manufacturing gap before moving forward with production tooling.

Unique Materials

The inspected and verified compounds and resins that we use are a crucial component in producing medical components and devices. Taurus Engineering stocks approximately 150 raw materials.


Over-molding is the process of injecting molding materials around another substrate. This process creates a combination of two or more plastic parts to make a finished product. Over-molding is complex, and it must adhere to precise tolerances to ensure that it’s done correctly. The end result is a product that has integrity and reliability, while also meeting specific cosmetic standards.

Value Added – Complete Assembly with Packaging and Distribution

Taurus Engineering has the capability to be an extension of your manufacturing by providing complete assembly and packaging, we are FDA registered and routinely package devices for our customers. Check out our value added services on contract manufacturing here.

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