Taurus Engineering

Design Assistance

Mold Design & Engineering Assistance

Taurus Engineering is committed to mold/part design assistance and building quality tooling; within budget, on time, and per customer specifications. Understanding the importance of early involvement and close collaboration between customer and supplier, we work with design engineers to assure streamlined and efficient product development; from concept to the marketplace. As specialists in turning concepts and ideas into finished products, Taurus Engineering is capable of transforming napkin sketches into solid models. Using the latest engineering and design software (SolidWorks), we can utilize just about any CAD file type – IGES, STEP ProE, Parasolid, and SolidWorks.

Prototype Tooling

Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of inventors and new-product design engineers, Taurus fosters creativity with design assistance for prototype molds that assure product manufacturability with DFM and works to anticipate and avoid the obstacles that could prevent a promising concept from seeing its probable (profitable) application. Experienced and capable Taurus Engineers offer assistance with selecting tooling materials and recommended resin selections that take into account product application, consider cost and functionality; and seek to advise when and if any post-molding applications are necessary.

Production Tooling

After the customer’s product designs have been approved by their Engineering and Marketing groups, and the project is successfully launched, Taurus can easily and quickly take prototype processes into a production-ready setting. By applying lessons-learned during project development, Taurus will design and build reliable and cost competitive production tooling, develop statistically capable processes, integrate cost-effective manufacturing practices, and ensure end-product quality that secures a competitive edge for our customers competing in a global environment.

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