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Taurus Engineering and Manufacturing is known around the world for its ability to think outside of the box.

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Ways Taurus Engineering can save you time and money:

If you currently machine plastic parts, and require more than 100 parts per year, we may be able to save you money. Often times there are great savings realized by building a low-cost aluminum mold and injection molding parts.

If you are currently using cast urethane parts for your application, we can likely save you money by injection molding them. Parts that are simple in geometry and measure less than 6 cubic inches are excellent candidates.

If you require an overmolded insert, or a two-shot part, and have volumes that are less than 10,000 parts per year, we can likely build a manually operated mold, and do the molding for less money. Automated, overmold tooling is very expensive, and often inflates the overall cost of the molded parts. Taurus Engineering has both overmold insert and two-shot capabilities.

Designing for manufacturability, Taurus Engineering instinctively identifies part features that, through modification or elimination, could reduce the mold and manufacturing costs.

Just a few of our success stories:

  • With marketing deadlines looming, a medical device customer was desperate to get “Submission-Ready” devices built and through sterilization. Within ten working days, Taurus Engineering designed and built eight tools; molded and personally delivered production-ready device components.
  • Struggling with a molder trying to overmold onto a Pebax extrusion, and experiencing high scrap rates and poor quality, a frustrated customer came to Taurus Engineering seeking help. Working with the customer’s engineering group, and using Six Sigma problem solving methodologies; implemented design enhancements and production improvements resulted in a 90% scrap reduction and 100% print compliant parts. Subsequent piece part price reduction made for a very satisfied customer
  • After having tooling designed and built in China, and experiencing a great letdown with regard to product quality and on-time delivery, a customer contacted Taurus Engineering with hopes that we could get their project “back on track”. In just a few months, Taurus Engineering retooled four of the eight molds and helped the customer in moving the product to market.
  • A major medical company had been trying for years to figure out how to insert mold a test part having 2 titanium blocks. Nobody would tackle this project because of the unusually tight tolerances, including their own in-house molding facility. Taurus Engineering was successful in getting them conforming parts!

At Taurus Engineering, it is our goal to accommodate our clients when at all possible. This includes target delivery dates and other requests. Contact us today!

Part design tips for saving money:

  • All wall sections should be as uniform in thickness as possible. Generally, wall sections should be no less than 0.0625″ (1/16″) and no thicker than 0.125″ (1/8″), with 0.09375″ (3/16″) being quite common on many smaller parts.
  • Watch to make sure that corner radii matches so you don’t have thicker or thinner wall sections in the corners.
  • Undercuts increase mold costs.
  • Parting lines that are not flat increase mold costs.
  • Deep cavities over roughly 2-1/2″ may increase costs as standard MUD mold bases are 2-7/8″ thick.
  • Allow for draft in your design, as parts without draft tend to cause serious molding issues. Unless the part is textured, generally 1 degree per side is sufficient.
  • Tight tolerances usually increase mold and part costs.
  • Thick walls (usually over .100″) can affect the cycle time, thus affecting part price.
  • Parts having thin walls (usually under .050″) may be difficult to mold, thus affecting the part price.
  • Usually walls can dip down to as little as .015″ without affecting molding, as long as it is in a very small confined area.
  • Areas with dead sharp corners can trap gas and be difficult to fill.
  • Pointed features on a part can be difficult to fill.
  • Small lettering can be difficult to fill because of trapped gas if it is deeper than 2x the letter wall thickness.
  • Keep in mind that parts need to be ejected from the mold. Allow room for some type of ejection. Pins are the most economical. Blade ejectors, sleeve ejectors and stripper plates may add significant cost.

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