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When your products are in the market, they’re constantly being stacked against the competition. The quality and integrity of the products, along with the speed and efficiency of the production, become major concerns. At Taurus Engineering, we’re specialists in helping companies successfully design and manufacture products that stand favorably against the competition. The combination of exceptional materials, thorough prototyping methodology, knowledgeable team members, and flexible manufacturing processes make us the best choice if you want to bring your product into the market.

We Develop the Right Combination of Materials That Will Complement Your Part’s Geometry and Meet Product Specs

The success of your project depends on our ability to utilize high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to create a robust and durable product. This requires a direct understanding of how each mold component will interact with each other. The demands in the industrial market are uncompromising, so the products need to be manufactured to meet tight tolerances and specifications.

We Design Your Product for Manufacturability

The process of designing and prototyping a product needs to be thorough. When designing for manufacturability, our processes are optimized to ensure that your product achieves maximum potential, while also minimizing overhead costs . At Taurus Engineering, we are utilizing Solidworks Professional to verify part design for manufacturability. We have the expertise to fully map out the processes needed to increase the performance and efficiency of our production.

We Focus on Reducing Costs, While Increasing Effectiveness

Automated processes reduce errors and help to trim excess costs. With the use of automated robotic technology, we have a cost-effective method of manufacturing quality products each and every time.

We’re Flexible Enough to Meet Your Needs

We have the strength to handle high volume runs, and we also have the flexibility to accommodate smaller, short runs. At Taurus Engineering we focus on customers needs irregardless of volume requirements.

At Taurus Engineering, we use:

  • Aluminum Tooling
  • P20 Tooling
  • Hardened Tool Steel
  • Pickout Inserts
  • Multi Cavity

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