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Here are a few of the positive comments we have received. We’d be happy to make you a satisfied customer too!

Cost and timing are critical for the success of a start-up medical device company.  For the past 7 year  we have relied on Taurus Engineering to provide high quality injection molded parts, manufactured in short lead times and at a reasonable cost, and they have always delivered.  We continue to be impressed with the quality of the complex tight tolerance components that they manufacture for us.  The expertise and experience at Taurus Engineering makes them a perfect partner for medical device developers.

VP, Product Development



Message from: Don

Just wanted to say thanks for the timely delivery of the vial rings. We are starting use with them this morning and we have a boatload of them on hand. And that’s exactly what I wanted. Well done.
Thank you

Message from: Sam

Great Job!!!!!! What you have provided is great. I couldn’t ask for a better job. Thank you very much. My compliments. Start production on 1000 and hold the mold. Thank again and look forward to hearing from you.

Message from: Kevin

Hey Guys,
Just dropping a line that we received our parts and they look very good. In the next few weeks we will have an opportunity to put them on assemblies test them and abuse them. I will send you another update at that point. So far they are doing what I need them to do and that is hold up to people who push on the button trying to break them.

Thank you for expediting this order, it is very much appreciated.

Great job!

Message from: Keith
Thanks for the quick response. To be honest, we are quite impressed with your quote. SUN has sent this part out to a few prototype shops, some of which we have a long standing relationship with, and others like Prototype Mold which are new to us. Of all the quotes we have received back to date, yours is the best. Overall the complexity of this part has molding cost a bit higher than what the program will allow at this point. However, your quote has sparked interest here at SUN for both current and future programs, and I have been asked to get more information regarding lead-time and general part quality. Would it be possible to receive any sample parts that are approximately the same size as the handle we sent you? Again, thank you for the prompt response, talk to you soon.

Message from: Michael and Gerry

We received the prototypes on Saturday as you had hoped. We have tested the form and fit, and functionality of the new battery holder scheme. PERFECT. Great job! You guys are the best. Thank you very much and please tell your tool maker how very much we appreciated his efforts this week in getting this to us. best regards, Michael and Gerry


Message from: Gus

Just dropping a line that we received our parts and they look very good. Thank you for expediting this order, it is very much appreciated.

Message from: Ryan

Thanks for getting the parts out to us so quickly. We are extremely pleased with you and your company, and I
just want to extend my deepest thanks to you for all your hard work.

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