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Contract Manufacturing

In addition to our engineering and molding capabilities, Taurus offers horizontal integration of manufacturing processes that range from simple sub-assemblies to complex finished devices, product detailing and decorating, custom packaging, and KANBAN inventory management. We are proficient supply chain managers, capable of vertical integration and the development of strategic partnerships with suppliers that assure cost controls and material availability. This allows our customers the opportunity to focus on their strengths: new product design & development and creating & implementing successful marketing strategies.

Ultrasonic Welding & Degating

Ultrasonic welding offers a lower cost solution to plastic bonding, as well as providing a highly reliable fused assembly. Because ultrasonic welding is a clean process, it is ideal for medical device applications. Taurus Engineering offers its customers ultrasonic welding as one of many value added services.

Depending upon gate configuration and vestige requirements, Taurus Engineering offers customers the option of ultrasonically removing the gates from molded parts. Making for a smooth degated surface, ultrasonic degating is ideal for medical device applications.

Pad Printing & In-line Decorating

Taurus Engineering is an industry expert when it comes to hot stamping, pad printing and other forms of in-line decorating. The unique properties of pad printing technology make it ideal for a variety of surfaces (i.e. flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave surfaces, convex surfaces). Pad printing capabilities range from small intricate multifaceted components, to larger flat-surfaced applications.


Focusing on cost containment and reducing variation, Taurus Engineering offers automation as an option for many high volume applications. Using state-of-the-art Adapt Scara� servo robotic technologies, and employing superior technical expertise, Taurus Engineering has a proven track record meeting specification requirements and delivery demands. More often than not, automation has provided customers with a viable and economical choice when comparing Taurus to offshore manual assembly shops. Doing business with Taurus Engineering assures the control and reliability our customers come to expect.


Because our customers seek to minimize overhead, reduce assembly costs, and provide top quality products, Taurus Engineering offers product assembly as a value added option. With the implementation of cellular manufacturing principals, Taurus provides flexibility by coordinating staff and configuring equipment such that specific needs of the customer are met. With the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques, and maintaining control of all critical processes, quality, functionality, and on-time delivery are assured for final assemblies.

On-Site Tool Shop:

Taurus Engineering offers an in-house tooling shop featuring:

  • Five Access Automated CNC High Speed Machining Center
  • Automated EDM Sinker
  • Wire EDM
  • Surface Grinders
  • Manual Mills

Along with much more support equipment

Custom Packaging

Our customers increasingly recognize the benefits of streamlining packaging operations, especially when this value added activity can be vertically integrated into the plastic injection molding process. Taurus Engineering has partnered with superior packaging suppliers to assure customers marketing efforts are successful. Taurus has experience with:

  • Custom Boxes
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Clamshell heat sealing for theft deterrent
  • Barcode Labeling – UPC Labeling
  • IFU cards – communicating the marketing message

Taurus Engineering is confident we can add value to your product, we can offer the necessary experience along with the attention required to assure successful product launch.

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